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DLP 2020 Vision Day

DLP 2020 Vision Day

DLP 2020 Vision Day

Celebrating and Marching Toward the Future with Purpose

Do you ever have a vision that’s so strong it pulls you toward it?

 “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”
– Steve Jobs

As 2019 drew to a close, DLP team members helped shape that vision by completing the DLP Compass Survey to provide feedback and input on the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and future vision.

To kick off the new year, on DLP’s 3rd Annual Vision Day, Founder and CEO Don Wenner delivered a truly compelling vision that now pulls our team toward its ultimate achievements. The day included celebrating successes from the past year, making dreams come true, and setting clear and measurable goals for a strong and prosperous future. Here are the highlights from the Vision Day 2020.

Making Dreams Come True

Vision Day started with an exercise where team members created their own ideal future visions in all aspects of their lives. Next, Don granted the first dreams as part of DLP’s Dream On Program. Patrick O’Donnell, Chief Experience Officer commented, “It’s truly amazing to have a CEO that cares so much for our team members that he wants to help make their lifelong dreams come true.” Through the Dream On Program, team members can apply to have specific dreams granted. Patrick continued, “ At DLP, we want to help our team members live fully in all aspects of their lives. We realize that people have important dreams and it’s wonderful to have a program like this that grants dreams for our team members and truly changes lives.”

Dream On winners

Andrea McMillian – Home Ownership! Andrea’s dream for the past five years was to own a home for her family. She and her husband have been raising seven children in a 2-bedroom apartment. Dream On will provide the down payment for a home and help the McMillian Family secure financing and achieve the dream of homeownership in 2020!

“What a company we work for! Never in my wildest dreams did I think something like this would happen for me and my family. We truly feel like we have won the lottery! In addition to this being one of the most amazing things ever in my life, the outpouring of tears calls text and emails from everyone in the company really put into perspective what an impact I have made in the past 2 1/2 years. This “family” Don has built is so special to me. I can never thank Don and everyone enough. This is TRULY a dream come true!” – Andrea McMillian

Sonya Rothermel – Home Repairs! Sonya’s dream was to have her mother’s home remodeled so that she wouldn’t have to worry about keeping up with repairs that were needed on her older home. With her mother’s extensive medical bills and surviving off disability, it would be one less issue to deal with. Dream On will provide the necessary home repairs and remodeling for Sonya’s mom! 

“I just wanted to say how grateful my family and I are. I told my mom right before her surgery to give her something to keep fighting for. We were balling our eyes out. This made our day!  You will never fully understand how this has impacted our lives. I don’t think I could ever put into words how I feel. I am truly blessed to work with you all. Her surgery went well and she is recovering. I can’t thank you enough. God bless.” – Sonya

Making an Impact: Serving DLP Clients

Throughout Vision Day, we heard many dedicated team members through heartfelt testimonials on why they love to serve their clients and customers and what makes DLP such an inspiring place to work, as you can see in the video below.

Steady Growth From the Early Years

Don continued the presentation by taking a look back on our early years; Don’s first DLP realty office which consisted of a small space in an older property located in Allentown, PA.  He commented, Here we are, a decade later, with 350 team members, several offices, and experiencing exponential growth. We now have a parent company with five businesses, all functioning in sync with one purpose and ultimate goal – to lead and inspire the building of wealth and prosperity through the execution of innovative real estate solutions.”

Along with growth came numerous company awards throughout 2019, including:

  • Top Workplace in the Lehigh Valley by The Morning Call
  • #1 Fastest-Growing Business in the Lehigh Valley by Lehigh Valley Business
  • Named one of the Best Places to Work on the First Coast by the Jacksonville Business Journal and Quantum Workplace
  • Don Named to the 40 Under 40 List by The Jacksonville Business Journal
  • Collective Genius Presentation Award at the Collective Genius Real Estate Mastermind in Tampa, FL
  • Don Named Finalist for EY Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Inc. 5000 7th straight year! #5 Fastest-Growing Company out of those who have made the list 7+ years
  • Finalist for the 2019 REME (Real Estate Management Excellence) Award by IREM® (Institute of Real Estate Management) for Corporate Innovation
  • Don Named Jacksonville Business Journal Ultimate CEO Award

And, along with awards, many media mentions were noted from local and national publications. In the fall, Don was officially selected to join the Forbes Leadership Council, an elite invitation-only thought leadership group. You can read his latest article here.

Company Snapshot

Our 2019 Compass Results

The Importance of PPP

PPP (Productivity Per Person) is the measurement of how productive we are as a company. PPP allows us to make sure we are growing effectively. It is calculated by taking the company’s Net Revenue (Gross Revenue minus Cost of Goods sold) divided by the number of team members. Don presented the results of 2019’s PPP – DLP Real Estate Capital will pay out an 80% company match of 4% of team members’ annual salary. This amount is 1.5% more than the normal 50%. Additionally, thanks to the hard work and dedication of every employee, the company was able to contribute $30,000 to the DLP Positive Returns Foundation that concentrates its funding and serving opportunities on making an impact toward affordable housing and supporting and inspiring entrepreneurship throughout the world. Don also presented DLP’s projected PPP over the next decade.  

The Secret to Our Success

At DLP Real Estate Capital, the number one question we are asked is “How have we grown so fast and what have done that has made us so successful?” The answer? Hiring world-class people + the 20 Mile March, the latter which is based on Jim Collins bestseller, Great by Choice. Don commented, Having a clear 20 Mile March focuses the mind because everyone on the team knows the markers and their importance; they can stay on track. When you 20 Mile March with fanatical discipline, you have a tangible point of focus that keeps you and your team moving forward, despite the confusion, uncertainty, and even chaos. It’s the practice of consistently hitting prescribed targets, day after day, year after year, regardless of the prevailing conditions. You control your activities that drive results and productivity.

Our World-Class People & Team Member Awards

It was an incredible year and it certainly would not have been possible with our devoted team members. It’s become a Vision Day tradition to give out awards for the previous year at Vision Day, so here are this year’s award winners. 

Team Players of the Month in 2019

Sales Professionals of the Month in 2019

Individual Awards for the year

Core Values Awards

Team Members Who Utilize DLP Tools the Most:

Tina Steur, Listing Servicing Manager

Dannie Hough, Multi-Functional Financial Analyst

Rookie Rock stars of the Year:

Amanda Mogitz, IT Associate

Constance Liu, Real Estate Investment Analyst

Rising Stars Award:

Shannon Danford, Marketing Director

Hilary Anderson, Multi-Family Loan Processor & Underwriter

Driven For Greatness Award:

Amanda Markus, Accounting and Reporting Analyst 

Nicholas Lannie, Senior Associate Investments

Leadership Award:

Tonya Radford, General Manager PROSPER Gulfport

Navin Sugrim, Director Of Operations & Construction

Enthusiastically Delivering WOW:

Nitza Martinez, WOW Coordinator

Stephanie Sfarra, Senior Construction Analyst


Cassandra Magan, Property Accountant 

Joanie Cooper, Processing & Pipeline Manager 

Living Fully:

Koi Barlow, Culture Ambassador

Innovated Solution Focused:

Troy Grainer, Accounting Associate

Liz DeGroot, Legal Operations Coordinator

Twenty Mile March:

Frank Morales, Asset & Valuation Manager

Anthony Torres, General Manager DREAM Space Coast

Execution & Excellence

Brandy Seyferth, Operations Manager

Humble Confidence:

Monika Zareba, Senior Fund Accountant 

Tameka Woods, Director of Operations

The DLP Real Estate Compass

The DLP Real Estate Compass is made up of our Elite Statement and the Elite Compass. It is based on our purpose and core values. It includes our vision for achieving our 2025 checkpoint to have $1 billion in capital under management, in real estate owned and in loans.

It continues on to our 2030 checkpoint when we’ll have $7.5 billion in assets under management and have $1 billion of returns generated and distributed.

The compass also includes our BHAG, which is to positively impact 1 million lives by providing 100,000 solutions for and from real estate.

It will be achieved through our EES (Elite Execution System) and culture of:

  • Leadership
  • Execution
  • Living Fully
  • Sales

You can see the main aspects of the compass in the highlights video embedded on the top of this page or can access the full recording of the presentation here.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Be on the lookout for publications and podcasts to be launched on Building an Elite Organization and Driven for Greatness: Thriving in an Elite Organization. DLP’s 2020 annual theme is Ownership, which will encompass all that we set out to accomplish this year. Our 1st Quarter contest was announced –  ‘DLP’s Most Accountable Team Member’ and will feature a one-week stay at a DLP vacation home located in either St. Augustine, FL; St. Simons Island, GA, or Asheville, NC. 

Don closed out his Vision Day 2020 presentation stating, I am committed to building the best real estate enterprise in the world and I am committed to being the best CEO in the world.” 

Afterward, team members broke out into their huddle teams to share their top three accomplishments of the year and future accomplishments for 2020. Then each business-unit delivered its company-specific 2020 Compass. It was truly a visionary and inspiring day! http://

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