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A Home Reveal is a Dream Come True

“Dream On” is an initiative established by our Founder and CEO, Don Wenner. “Dream On” emphasizes the importance of caring about and doing good for fellow team members in our DLP family. Coworkers may nominate each other – it might be a hardship someone is facing, a relative needing assistance, a long-term goal, a dream of travel,… the sky’s the limit. 

Each year on Vision Day – a day when we come together to celebrate our successes, strategize our growth for the upcoming year, and have some fun – Don presents the Dream On winners, and not just one, but many dreams are granted! 

This year, team member Jen Housden is one such “Dream On” recipient. Jen always wanted to own her own home; it was a long-term goal and through hard work and a plan in place, she fulfilled it on her own. However, her new home was in desperate need of major renovations and that’s where her dream began.

Recently, Jen saw her new ‘finished’ home for the first time – through a home reveal with DLP. Don Wenner comments, “We are thrilled to grant and present this dream for Jen and her two children. Through her strong work ethic and vision, she was able to reach her goal of becoming a homeowner. Now, she can fully enjoy her new home of which she is truly deserving. Also, a big thank you to our partners and Sherwin Williams who helped make this dream a reality.”

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