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Vision Day 2019

Vision Day 2019

Vision Day: A day to recap and celebrate past successes while casting a clear and compelling vision for the future. On January 18, 2019, DLP held its second annual Vision Day. In a presentation led by our Founder and CEO, Don Wenner, the DLP team gathered to celebrate 2018, highlight our team members and their accomplishments, recap our goals and review our long-term vision.

The Story behind DLP

For new team members, Don Wenner shared the story of how the company was founded. At a young age, Don always had an entrepreneurial spirit. From selling donuts to his classmates in kindergarten, he was destined for a prosperous career in sales. While he was a student at Drexel University, Don worked as a salesperson selling security systems door to door. After taking notice of his potential in sales, the owner of the company, who was also a real estate agent, convinced Don to get his real estate license. In 2006, as a 21-year old and still in college, Don entered the real estate industry. Within 9 months, he was the top salesperson in his office, and DLP’s story began.. Since DLP’s founding in 2006, Don and DLP closed more than 9,000 real estate transactions totaling more than $1.2 billion.

Highlights of 2018

2018 marked the 6th year that DLP was named one of the top workplaces by The Morning Call, as well as the 6th consecutive year to earn a rank on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. We were also pleased to be named as one of the top 15 real estate teams in the country by the Wall Street Journal, as well as the #2 fastest-growing company in the Lehigh Valley by Lehigh Valley Business.

In 12 years, DLP has grown to 300 team members, over $600 million in assets under management, and more than 500 investors who have invested with DLP Capital Partners. Last year alone, DLP Direct Lending Partners provided funding to over 120 entrepreneurs, DLP Realty sold more than 1,250 homes, and we provided housing to over 20,000 people. We have been marching forward quickly & consistently, and are excited for the future in the years to come.

Our Vision for the Future

In 2019, we updated our purpose statement to read:
Dream. Live. Prosper. Passionately Creating Prosperity through Real Estate.

Don explained, “We are going to grow by succeeding in our mission to lead and inspire the building of wealth and prosperity with our partners through the relentless execution of innovative real estate solutions. This will fulfill our purpose.”

The vision included talking through the DLP Compass to paint a clear picture of where the company is headed in 2019:

  • We are putting a focus on solving housing constraints and supporting entrepreneurship, both through the DLP family of companies “for profit” businesses and the DLP Positive Returns Foundation.
  • This year, we plan to originate over $1 billion in total transactions.
  • We will finalize the DLP Elite AES book to serve as a guide for how to run the Acceleration and Execution System (AES).
  • The Elite program will be rolled-out to partners, sharing best practices for fast-growth entrepreneurial companies, to help other businesses reach success.
  • This year’s annual theme is to march 7,300 miles (based on the 20-mile march for the 365 days of the year), which we will achieve through our relentless and consistent focus on our core value, execution and excellence.
  • Every employee at DLP will help move the needle through every contribution made each and every day.
  • PPP, which stands for productivity per person, and measures the productivity and success of a company, will increase by 28% to to $170,116.29.

Looking to the future, DLP’s 2025 Checkpoint along its march is to have $1 billion in capital under management, $1 billion in real estate owned and $1 billion loans serviced. “I have no doubt that we are going to achieve this on our 20-mile march,” comments Don. By 2025, DLP’s BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is to provide 100,000 solutions for and from real estate.

Here at DLP, We are Family

The Vision Day presentation included videos of team members from across the nation sharing their experiences at DLP and concluded with a video from Margaret Jones, Property Manager at Iris Glen, a DLP community, in Conyers, GA, where she stated:
“DLP is a great company to work for. This company is not just about its business, because it puts its people first. From leadership to on-site personnel, we rock! I’ve never come across a problem that there was not someone I could reach out to for help. Here at DLP, we are more than co-workers, and more than a team, we are family.”

At the close of Don’s Vision Day presentation, team members broke out into workshop sessions within each family of company to share their personal accomplishments, review specific company goals and structures, as well as where they are headed as a team. Following the workshops, Jason Battestelli, President of DLP Real Estate Management, stated, “I know we have a lot to tackle this year. I’m excited about the team we have here. Let’s go for it!”

Congratulations to the Winners of 2018’s DLP Awards

Top 2 Team Members Who Utilize DLP Tools

Irene Saulino

Melissa Green-Faust

Team Players of the Year

Brandy Seyferth

Kenneth Godiska

Sales Professionals of the Year

Larry Hickernell

Brion Yarnell

Cindy Lapp

Rookie Rockstar of the Year

Tess Essandoh

Rising Star

Jack Zhao

Driven for Greatness Award

Kenny Glass and Cheryl Craig

Leadership Award

Ryan Kelly

Enthusiastically Delivering WOW Award

Peggy Jones and Joanie Cooper

Perseverance and Passion for Long-Term Goals: GRIT Award

Jennifer Housden

Living Fully Award

Amanda Markus

Innovative Solution Focused Award

Kelsey Elliott

Twenty Mile March Award

Mike and Claire Klatchak

Execution and Excellence Award

Dan Cocchimiglio

Winners of the Company-wide Contest

Peggy Jones and Ryan Kelly

2018 Sales Professional of the Month

Bobbijo Miller

Don Wenner Sr

Cindy Lou Lapp

Craig Yarnell

Larry Hickernell Jr

Vicky Kemmerer

Emily Spirko

Nicholas Bianchini

Kelsey Elliott

Christina Gillespie

Nader Hack

Robert Schimineck

James Harrison

2018 Team Player of the Month

Lea Clymer

Kate Johnston

Cheryl Bates

Anika Rutherford

Tina Laird

Andrea Garves

Joanie Cooper

Kendrick Champion

Janet Oetterer

Amanda Markus

Angela Walker

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