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DLP Bethlehem Headquarters Undergoes Its Own Renovation In 2018

DLP Bethlehem Headquarters Undergoes Its Own Renovation in 2018

by Katherine Santiago

We’ll admit it.. Yes we’ve been struggling at our Bethlehem Headquarters; but not the way you’re probably thinking right now. Our scuffle has been with OFFICE SPACE. From new opportunities, to promotions, to new hires, Dream Live Prosper has been consistently growing. We’ve welcomed new teammates to all six DLP companies: DPL Realty, DLP Interactive Media, DLP Direct Lending Partners, DLP Capital Partners, DLP Property Management, and DLP Builders. Of course, overall growth within the company is good but now the question lies: where do we fit all these talented new hires and current accomplished employees? That’s where DLP’s very own construction and renovation company,DLP Builders, came to the rescue.

Working alongside the company’s COO, Jason Battestelli, DLP Builders devised a blueprint plan in order to accommodate all employees in the newly anticipated space. Take a look at the photos below to see the remodeling process of our Bethlehem headquarters.


Our Office Before Renovations


During Renovations


After weeks of demolishing the old space, knocking down walls, putting in new flooring, and all other complex constructional logistics, workers installed space-saving, yet roomy cubicles in the renovated space.

DLP Builders and our IT department have just finished placing the final touches on our new workspace. “They have done a tremendous job tackling this project and as a result of their efforts, we are happy to announce that not only have we met our original goal of completing the office move by the end of quarter two but will actually start moving people this week,” commented Jason Battestelli.

Newly Renovated Headquarters


Renovations were completed by Friday, May 25th. We are excited to continue to grow and expand, not only in our Bethlehem headquarters, but throughout the entire DLP family of companies.


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