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DLP Capital Partners Hosts First Live In-Person Event For ArtsQuest, Post-COVID

DLP Capital Partners Hosts First Live In-Person Event For ArtsQuest, Post-COVID

On Thursday, October 29, 2020, DLP Capital Partners held their most recent investor dinner event, taking place at the ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks in Bethlehem, PA. It was the venue’s first live in-person event post-COVID and followed strict protocols to ensure the safety of all attendees, including two separate seating times, plenty of hand sanitizer, socially distanced table seating, and DLP-branded masks. The event was also broadcast virtually for attendees who preferred not to be present in person. Founder and CEO Don Wenner led the presentation, followed by a DLP investor testimonial, Q&A session, and giveaways. 

Susan Drexinger, ArtsQuest Vice President of Hospitality & Food Service, commented, “ArtsQuest was proud to provide a safe and socially distanced experience for our DLP guests.  We strive to follow all the government and CDC guidelines as we continue to give guests the best possible service.  All of us look forward to continuing to host these wonderful dinners for DLP throughout the upcoming years!”

DLP Capital Partners has worked relentlessly to achieve growth and great success throughout this past turbulent and uncertain year. Don assured the DLP investor family that DLP continues to generate consistent results, double-digit returns, and increase loans to real estate investors regardless of the economic climate. The company announced it had now reached 1000 investors and will continue welcoming new investors aboard. DLP equity investments are at an all-time high occupancy; in fact, it was the company’s strongest capital-producing quarter ever.

DLP investor Karean E. gave advice to anyone considering investing with the company. She said, “Take a look at some risk factors. While I am not a gambler…I would say look at what you feel very comfortable with, where do you see the risks being mitigated most, and where do you see the expertise that you can rely on someone else.  Do you want to rely on yourself or do you want to rely on someone who is more of an expert in the field?” 

In spite of economic uncertainty, DLP offers affordable housing for both single and multi-family properties in rental communities throughout the country, mostly in the sunbelt region. Don reviewed the company’s most recent property acquisitions and was pleased to announce three of their latest projects, all located in South Carolina.  He also announced DLP’s biggest acquisition to date for the DLP Housing Fund, Preserve at Port Royal Apartments, a 400-unit community, located in Port Royal, SC. 

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic and a turbulent presidential election bring uncertain times, DLP remains optimistic and is excited about the future. With strong deal volumes, DLP creates value with this type of secure investment market.  This upcoming quarter, they expect to achieve and exceed their targeted returns for every DLP fund, focusing specifically on the DLP housing fund.  People have realized that in recessionary environments, this is arguably the most stable place to invest, and in this historic time of the government telling us we cannot evict tenants, this asset class is still outperforming all other asset classes.

Don Wenner, CEO, DLP Real Estate Capital

Larry Hickernell, Jr., Senior Investor Success Manager commented, “It was exciting and encouraging to have the opportunity to gather with our investor family once again in person. We place relationships as a top priority, and so being able to get together once again and provide updates to our investors in person was and will continue to be invaluable to us. We look forward to finishing 2020 strong and to an even more prosperous 2021!”

DLP Real Estate Capital will be hosting an array of upcoming events.

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