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DLP Elite Partners Event 2019

DLP Elite Partners Event 2019

DLP Direct Lending Partners recently held their first Elite Partners event at the Sea Palms Golf Resort in St. Simons Island, GA. DLP Real Estate Capital CEO Don Wenner, the DLP leadership team, and a select group of top real estate operators met to discuss current market trends, network to find mutual opportunities, and learn about the DLP acceleration and execution system.

Don began the event by telling his personal story of grit and determination, and then discussed how he began the DLP family of companies, and the 20 mile march philosophy that has been the “secret” to DLP’s exponential growth in the past 10 years.

Throughout the weekend, DLP Elite Partners from around the country participated in several informative sessions:

  • How to build a clear vision, mission, and direction for their company
  • How to attract, hire, develop and retain rock star team members
  • How to run efficient meetings that drive productivity and solve problems.
  • Where to find capital, how to source good deals, and how to deal with construction management and scaling challenges
  • How to get more done in 90 days than the competition can in an entire year

Sharing his experience at the event, Steve Rogai with Modern Capital Development Group said, “Being at this event has been really great. One of our biggest needs to scale our business is always equity, as it is for everyone else. DLP has been great at providing the debt piece for us. Don and his group have been great here. They’ve kind of lifted up the curtain to show us how they do things internally. They’ve got a lot of great ideas and great sources for equity. I’ve met a lot of great partners that will want to get involved with us as well, so we’re really excited.”

Nathan Trunfio, President of DLP Direct Lending Partners commented, “This is a true mastermind event, dedicated to help our borrowers, our investors, and our prospective clients to continue to grow their businesses successfully. Whether they need access to more deals, help overcoming operational challenges, or a true capital partnership that offers flexible equity and debt solutions, the DLP Elite Partner event was the place to be.”

If you’d like to join us for the next DLP Elite Partners event or want more information about working with DLP Direct Lending Partners, please contact us at

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