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DLP Launches New Core Values And Purpose

DLP Launches New Core Values and Purpose

Dream Live Prosper (DLP) is excited to announce its updated Purpose statement and Core Values.

“A few years ago we set out to clearly define our mission and the core values that drive us.  The process has been a critical part of our growth and our ability to attract the very best team members and partners,” explains CEO Don Wenner. “With our tremendous growth of nearly 600% over the past 3 years, including expansion into multiple new businesses, we felt it was time to re-evaluate our core values and more clearly define our purpose. With cooperative efforts from our DLP leadership team we were able to evaluate and define what really drives DLP’s success.  That effort led to what we believe is a clear reflection of what we live and breath every day at DLP. These core values spell out “D-L-P  E-L-I-T-E.”

Check out our Core Purpose and Core Values below and let us know what you think!

Core Purpose:

Living our dream to create prosperity through innovative real estate solutions.

Core Values

Driven for Greatness

We are driven to seek knowledge and pursue growth and greatness each day in both our personal and professional lives.


We influence and impact our community, clients, and ourselves by exemplifying integrity, positivity and humble confidence.

Perseverance & Passion for Long Term Goals: GRIT

We have the endurance and unshakable commitment necessary to achieve our visionary long term goals.

Enthusiastically Delivering WOW

We go above and beyond, delighting and amazing everyone we encounter.

Living Fully

Our quest for excellence and the pursuit of our passions applies to all aspects of our lives — business, family, personal, and faith. We strive to live life to the fullest.

Innovative Solutions Focus

We do not simply talk about problems, we drive ourselves to create solutions that produce new, previously thought to be unimaginable results for our clients.

Twenty Mile March

We consistently hit targets, day after day, year after year, regardless of the prevailing conditions.

Execution & Excellence

We establish and surpass expectations that can only be achieved through a clear focus, commitment, and engagement on completing the most critical priorities.

For more information on our core values, click here!

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