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DLP Real Estate Capital: Team Member Spotlight

DLP Real Estate Capital: Team Member Spotlight

President, DLP Property Management

Melanie has held executive-level leadership positions in the multi-family sector for the last 15 years. In the past five years alone, she has helped complete more than 40,000 interior renovations and has grown a management company from 9,000 units to more than 60,000 units. Melanie is a certified Property Manager through the Institute of Real Estate Management, Master Trainer and Facilitator by Development Dimensions International, and is certified as a Senior Professional of Human Resources from the Society of Human Resource Management.

Favorite Core Value

Melanie’s favorite core value is Humble Confidence. From her perspective, when you are leading others and serving customers and residents, humble confidence speaks to the integrity and overall nature of what DLP Real Estate Capital is all about. Melanie says, “Showing that you have the servant heart and mindset – you do it for all the right reasons and not for personal gain. Even if no one knows it but you, you’re confident in your decisions.”  

Q&A with Melanie

What attracted you to DLP Real Estate Capital?

Don Wenner’s enthusiasm and zest for giving back to the community and for operating unlike other real estate-based companies is what attracted me to DLP Real Estate Capital. Whether it’s real estate, investing, multifamily, lending; he is changing the industry. The DLP Elite Execution Operating System, a tool used to accelerate growth and scale businesses, is something that I have not seen in any other company that I have been involved with. Instead of looking at what may be important for the moment, we focus on long term results. It enables us, as an organization, to complete more than what other companies get done in a year. I feel like we operate at three times the speed; it’s a heightened focus and ensures that you have like-minded individuals working toward a common goal. 

Additionally, I find it refreshing that a CEO is willing to put his spirituality out there through his leadership actions and invite others to do the same. 

What are your greatest accomplishments?

On a personal level, my family is one of my greatest accomplishments. There is love coming from all directions, no matter where they are, and I appreciate the closeness that we enjoy. My husband of 33 years, who is retired Coast Guard, and I have four daughters, all grown and living in various parts of the southeastern U.S. 

As a woman working in the multifamily real estate and construction industry, I am proud of my accomplishments, especially having the perspective of working in multidimensional departments that work as a united front  rather than in silos. We all want to work hard and be successful, but at the end of the day, it’s about people. It’s about watching those that I have had the pleasure of working with, leading and those that I have helped, even in some small way. I enjoy keeping in touch with others with whom my path has crossed and seeing where they are now. Every decision we make in the multifamily world affects others.Our community teams manage multi-million dollar businesses, similar to small towns. We are the first people that our residents see every single day, whether they’re doing great or having a bad day. What we do impacts individuals and families possibly, for generations to come. 

What do you do when you’re not busy managing multi-family neighborhoods and serving others? 

When I’m not working, I think about work. All kidding aside, I love to laugh as anyone who has met me probably knows. I enjoy reading and spending time with my family. My husband and I are in the process of selling our home in Atlanta, GA and moving to St. Augustine, FL, very close to one of our daughters and grandchildren. I also enjoy volunteering and helping a variety of charities and nonprofits.

Jim and Melanie French

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