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DLP’s 20 Mile March: A Look Inside One Of America’s Fastest Growing Real Estate Companies

DLP’s 20 Mile March: A Look Inside One of America’s Fastest Growing Real Estate Companies

What began in 2006 as a small real estate team, which became DLP Realty, has emerged into a family of extremely profitable and highly successful businesses. DLP Dream Live Prosper, led by entrepreneur Don Wenner, continues to advance and achieve by sticking to its goals and purpose… and picking up accolades and achievements along the way.

A Childhood Entrepreneur

Don first started his entrepreneurial career back in elementary school, where he sold individual Hostess Donettes from his lunchbox to classmates for 50 cents apiece. Always a hard worker and over achiever, Don worked his way through high school and college, most often as a top performer in whatever job he took on, usually several at the same time.

Although Don decided back in eighth grade that he wanted to become a financial advisor, his path took him to the world of real estate by way of an early employer, selling security systems.  The owner of the company convinced Don, then a college student, that he would make $2000 per week. Don looked forward to this opportunity with excitement, knocking on hundreds of doors each day. (He made over $5000 in his first two weeks). Not long after, his boss (who was also a real estate agent), convinced Don that he should get his real estate license.

The Birth of a Real Estate Powerhouse

Don became fully licensed to sell real estate before the age of 21 and during the first 9 months as a Realtor sold 67 houses. By his second year in the business, he was already the number one agent in the entire Lehigh Valley. He hired his first assistant four months into the business, his second at six months, two real estate agents at eight months, and launched DLP Realty shortly afterward. Today, Don is the CEO of a family of companies that all grew from that five-person staff:

  • DLP Realty is full-service real estate company that provides solutions for nearly every real estate need and issue.
  • DLP Offers, tied with DLP Realty, provides the most efficient and stress-free way to sell your home.  It’s the new way to buy and sell homes. 
  • DLP Capital Partners is a private investment group designed to produce consistent, high-yield returns while providing liquidity and security to its investors.
  • DLP Direct Lending Partners owns and operates a diverse range of multi-family communities across the nation, providing well-maintained, comfortable homes for our residents.
  • DLP Property Management offers a variety of services to landlords, single family, multi-family apartment communities, and commercial management.
  • DLP Builders handles virtually all types of construction from residential subdivisions to custom-built homes to residential and commercial renovations.
  • DLP Interactive Media provides clear and consistent growth marketing strategies for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

A “Twenty Mile March” to Consistent Growth

Don is currently ranked in The Wall Street Journal as one of the Top 15 Real Estate Professionals in the country, including #1 in all of PA and NJ. In 2018, just 10 years from its humble beginnings, DLP is earning more than $100 million in annual revenues and has more than $1 billion of assets under management. 

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That meteoric rise has landed DLP on the list of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in the United States for six consecutive years — something only a small number of companies can claim to have achieved.

That consistent, rapid growth comes from following a simple philosophy — the Twenty Mile March. Derived from Don’s favorite book, Great By Choice by Jim Collins, the Twenty Mile March is the story of the race between two explorers – Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen – to be the first to reach the South Pole. Amundsen’s expedition beat Scott’s by a full 35 days by staying consistent and focused; meaning every day they traveled 20 miles, no matter the weather or any other outside conditions. Scott’s group, on the other hand, traveled an inconsistent route; sometimes traveling 60 miles in one day while taking a break on another day. Amundsen’s group made it there and back with no issues. Unfortunately, Scott and his explorers perished on the grueling trip back home.

“Many companies allow the outside world or market to dictate their activities. We do the opposite,” comments Don. “By controlling our own growth, we focus on marching forward day in and day out, and continue to maintain high growth year after year.”

Not Done Growing Yet

Looking to the future, DLP has very aggressive goals they expect to achieve by 2025. As a whole, the company plans to reach $2 billion in assets by 2025. The number of employees has grown over 308% in the last three years, alone! With a young and successful CEO running this team of talented individuals who share his drive and effort, there’s no doubt that the DLP family of companies will continue its drive for greatness and achieve high levels of success into the foreseeable future.

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