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Think Realty Hosts Don Wenner On Weekly Podcast

Think Realty Hosts Don Wenner on Weekly Podcast

Don Wenner, CEO and founder of DLP Real Estate Capital was a recent guest on the Think Realty Podcast, dedicated to providing real estate trends and news to listeners around the country. 

Don spoke to host Eddie Wilson, CEO of Affinity Worldwide, Think Realty’s parent company, about his early entrepreneurial start-up, discipline, and hard work to build a strong foundation.  Additionally, he discussed his business scale – based on high-growth goals, talented team members, strategic culture, and meaningful targets.

Don also spoke to listeners about how DLP Real Estate Capital can partner with other entrepreneurs to help scale their own real estate businesses, too. Using the DLP Elite Execution System, real estate investors can be guided through proper strategy, operations, people, and acceleration. 

Listen in and learn more about scaling a high-profit and high-growth business! Check it out.

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