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Dream Live Prosper Vision Day 2018

Dream Live Prosper Vision Day 2018

by Jennifer LoConte

On Friday, January 12th, DLP held its first ever Vision Day. It was a morning packed with high energy and inspiration as our CEO, Don Wenner, shared DLP’s 1-year plan, 3-year target, and updated 10-year picture; three critical components of DLP’s vision. Don kicked off Vision Day by sharing a few stories of his entrepreneurial spirit and drive as a child, which were very influential in forming DLP.  Don recapped the history of DLP over the past 11 years. For some of the 102 new DLP team members, this was the first time they heard the history of DLP and how the company has grown to what it is today.  

The real focus of Vision Day was on the future and how each team member at DLP can individually achieve success and prosperity. This, in turn, will help drive DLP’s goal of a 28% Increase in productivity per person for 2018 and contribute to the 10-year target to reach $1 billion in capital and over $5 billion in assets. Don stated, “The dream is laying out our vision and where we’re going; the living is the actual execution of our plan; and the prosperity will come from achieving our vision and driving productivity.”

DLP’s core mission is to dream, live, and prosper through excellence and innovative services,  as well as our eight core values. They are: Driven for Greatness, Leadership, GRIT, Enthusiastically Delivering Wow, Living Fully, Innovative Solution Focused, Twenty Mile March, and Execution and Excellence. Of those core values, one of the most important is the Twenty Mile March. Don calls it our secret weapon and while it’s really no secret, it is a key ingredient to DLP’s success. The Twenty Mile March is an inspiring story found in the book, Great by Choice. (DLP loves inspirational leadership books on both a professional and personal level). It’s what makes companies maintain greatness for the long term. It’s the practice of consistently hitting targets, day after day and year after year, regardless of the prevailing conditions.  By “marching forward 20 miles each day,” in both favorable and unfavorable economic climates, you’ll always come out on top.  

What is VTO?  

VTO stands for Vision Traction Organizer and it’s a specific measuring tool found in the book, What the Heck is EOS?  VTO is a necessary component to how we operate from day to day at DLP. It’s how we measure our strengths and weaknesses, success, and future goals. We measure by using tools such as: daily team huddles, weekly to-do’s, scorecard commitments, quarterly rocks, WIGS (wildly important goals), 1-year plan, 3-year target, and 10-year picture.

What is Elite VTO?

Don commented, “It’s what we will achieve together, collectively through our core values.  It is where we will be in 10 years; what we look like in 3 years; what we achieve this year; and the actions we will take this quarter.” At DLP, our strengths are our vertical integration, meaning all of our companies working together, rowing in the same direction. And, by having the right people in the right seats, we are able to deliver a track record of success that is 100% solution focused.

Through using VTO, we learned what our next quarter will look like including: growing our number of rockstar team members, launching the DLP Positive Returns foundation, generating and converting leads at new heights, and increasing our raving fan base. Other highlights include the launch of PPP (Productivity Per Person) and a new employee buddy system. Don commented, “We actually now have employees living in 10 different states, including team members from 50 different locations who have joined our Vision Day meeting today.”

Don detailed our 3-year picture including our goal to make DLP the #1 real estate team in the U.S and be 250% larger than we are today. By the end of 2018, DLP will include 300 employees, 1500 real estate closings, over 500 loan closings, own over 7,000 multifamily and single family units, achieve a 28% increase in productivity, have over $550 million in assets, and over $100 million in loans under management. We will set a new focus on single family construction, (both for sale and rent); will begin to evaluate the acquisition of operating companies; achieve tremendous growth in institutional capital partnerships; in addition to forming partnerships with multi-family operators. He continued, “At DLP, we do not set lofty goals that sound good and then just go back to normal business, like some companies. We actually achieve and often exceed our goals.”  

What is PPP and why is it so important?

PPP stands for Productivity Per Person which is the true measure of a company’s productivity and success. What do we produce? At DLP, we help people sell their homes, provide safe and affordable housing for more than 10,000 people, flip houses, build new homes, provide funding for entrepreneurs and real estate investors, and change the lives of our 200 plus employees and their families. We contribute to many communities, vendors, partners, and deliver outstanding returns for hundreds of investors.

 PPP is the true test of how effective and successful we are at executing and performing. Don stressed that just because we grow in size, we don’t want to decrease in productivity, just the opposite. He said, “As we increase our talent, we will continue to increase our productivity.”

DLP team members on Vision Day.








What are the 10 P’s of Productivity?

These are Don’s words to live by and he’s been practicing them since his days selling donuts to fellow first graders. They are: positivity, passion, perseverance, purpose, plan, progress, performance, personal development, prospect, and prosperity. Don grew up in a lower to middle class working family. He didn’t become successful from family money or handouts but he did outwork everyone. He had a family that cared and loved him and supported him to go after his dreams and make them a reality. He explained, “All of us have a foundation here at DLP that has proven success. Each of you make up our family of over 200 members and each have the tools to be successful. Build your grittiness and work more focused so that each of you can achieve your goals.”  

Aside from VTO’s and PPP’s, DLP offers even more tools to help each of us achieve and exceed our own individual goals. The DLP education reimbursement program allows you to grow through learning new skills, and create and build relationships through attending conferences and events. DLP team members are invited to join our Driven 4 Greatness meetings that are held by-weekly. It’s a powerful hour that helps give you the framework towards personal development. Members read books together, learn, share, and build relationships with fellow driven and motivated colleagues.

 Currently, we have over 200 hungry and motivated individuals working together to achieve a common vision. Don closed Vision Day 2018 by commenting, “Become obsessed about the things you want, otherwise, you are going to spend a lifetime being obsessed with making up excuses as to why you didn’t get the life you wanted. Our common goal is that we all have a clear understanding of the DLP vision and by achieving our own productivity and goals, we WILL reach our dream, live fully, and prosper amazingly.”

Watch our brief video for comments by our employees after Vision Day concluded.

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