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Q4 Theme: Driving Productivity Per Person (PPP) Involves The Entire DLP Team

Q4 Theme: Driving Productivity Per Person (PPP) Involves the Entire DLP Team

October is in full swing and so are we at DLP Real Estate Capital, as we embrace our Q4 theme: Driving our PPP (productivity per person) by 28% through an increase of our revenue by 20%, and reducing costs by 10% quarter over quarter. Achieving an increase in PPP comes from embracing our core values, such as October’s Core Value of the Month: Enthusiastically Delivering Wow. Providing an optimal and valuable experience to both our current and potential clients is crucial to our growth and will ultimately lead to an increased PPP.

Driving PPP Increases the Strength of the Organization
PPP stands for Productivity Per Person. It is defined by how much revenue that our companies generate divided by the number of people who are employed by each company. We have an overarching PPP for DLP Real Estate Capital and we also have individual PPP sectors for each company underneath our parent company. PPP essentially measures the revenue-producing ability on a person-by-person basis.

Don Wenner, founder and CEO, comments, “PPP is our measurement of the health and strength of the organization. When that number is growing it means that we are are strengthening as we grow, and are becoming more effective both individually and collectively.”

Driving PPP Leads to Additional 401(k) Match…and Potentially a Vacation Stay
From an individual’s 401k perspective, PPP has a significant impact. As PPP increases, so does DLP’s 401k match. The match increases in increments from 2.5% to 5% as PPP increases. This essentially allows team members to earn an additional 2.5% annual compensation as part of their 401k, which would make a significant impact on their retirement account.

Wenner continues, “It doesn’t matter if an employee is directly related to sales or in some other capacity such as accounting, marketing, maintenance,… Your involvement in the revenue growth of our company is vital. Everything we do provides a service which then, in turn, has the potential to generate revenue. Every single one of us makes a difference.”

DLP Real Estate Capital’s Q4 Contest, “Living the Founder’s Mentality,” was introduced to rally the entire team’s involvement in driving PPP. Based on a concept in the book, The Founder’s Mentality by Chris
Zoom and James Allen, team members should ask themselves,
“What can I do to decrease cost” and “What can I do to increase revenue”
and submit their examples.

Nominees will be recognized on weekly huddles and two final winners will be announced at the end of the quarter. Winners will receive a full week’s stay at a DLP vacation property in St. Augustine, FL, St. Simons Island, GA, or Asheville, NC.

Embracing October’s Core Value of the Month: Enthusiastically Delivering Wow

At DLP, team members emphasize – We go above and beyond, delighting and amazing everyone we encounter. 

By enthusiastically delivering wow, team members positively enhance each and every customer experience, in turn leading to an increase in referrals, revenue, and PPP. The result is a winning combination for DLP Real Estate Capital.

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