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Employee Spotlight: Meet Mandy Danish

Employee Spotlight: Meet Mandy Danish

Investor Coordinator
DLP Capital Partners

Favorite Quote:
“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going”

Signature Phrase:
“Optimism always beats pessimism”

Role at DLP Capital Partners

Mandy’s primary responsibilities circulate around onboarding new investors, ensuring a smooth process for them, maintaining a positive relationship with them, coordinating investor events, and processing any incoming and outgoing investment transactions. “Nothing feels better than genuine ‘thank you’s’ from not just our clients, but my colleagues as well. I understand my responsibilities have a large impact on how my team members are able to perform; so when everyone is so thankful for each other it makes the day better. When you enjoy what you’re doing day-in and day-out, your work ethic and drive grows, as well as the passion for it,” says Mandy.

Get to Know Mandy

“Funny enough, before I ever thought I would end up in the ‘office life’ I was actually an amateur equestrian competing in Show Jumping,” says Mandy. Show Jumping is the competitive sport of horseback riding over courses of jumps. Aside from competing, Mandy also managed and cared for clients’ horses in elite show facilities. During her free time, she is doing anything from traveling, camping, fishing, shooting, hiking, attending horse shows, sprint car races, or watching sports.

5 Fun Facts

  1. Grew up riding competitively in the hunters/jumpers
  2. She and her boyfriend of 9 years were born on the same day
  3. Her last name should actually be Danicic but was changed during the period of immigration through Ellis Island
  4. Has always wanted to get a couple of (tasteful) tattoos
  5. Has a deep fear of needles, which is why she’s never had a tattoo
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