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The Executive Retreat: Preparing, Executing And Living Fully

The Executive Retreat: Preparing, Executing and Living Fully

The Executive Retreat: Preparing, Executing and Living Fully

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” stated Ben Franklin in his now famous quote. On the flipside, by successfully preparing, you are preparing to succeed.

Companies put a lot of effort into executive retreats and they can be highly effective, but many are not.  In some cases, people leave these retreats thinking they were a waste of time. This is mainly due to a lack of planning or failing to prepare for the ideal outcomes.

Not so at DLP. The DLP Executive Retreat was planned to build connection amongst the team, formulate and communicate the strategy for the year and to execute on top priorities, while also living fully!

The DLP Executive Retreat for Execution & Excellence

A core value at DLP is Execution & Excellence, which states, “We establish and surpass expectations that can only be achieved through a clear focus, commitment, and engagement on completing the most critical priorities.”

The Executive Retreat was properly planned to bring about excellence in execution. It was a packed agenda, that included:

  • Arrive at The Atlantic Dream Beach House: This 8-bedroom home owned by DLP that sleeps 21 at St. Augustine Beach made for the ideal location for the executive team to gather.
  • Ice Breakers and Questions: With questions ranging from, “What’s the biggest accomplishment of your life?” to “What should we start, stop and keep doing?” the team built a deeper connection by getting to know each other better and identified the biggest issues to tackle in the upcoming year.
  • Review the Strategy: DLP’s strategy is laid out in The Compass. The team reviewed the compass for the upcoming year and years to come, so they’d be aligned on the vision.
  • Planning for Vision Day: Vision Day is an important part in the DLP culture, where the vision is laid out for the year and beyond with the entire company. The team worked to ensure everything was in place for the big day.
  • Inspecting What We Expect: This exercise allowed the team to inspect what was working and what was not, make adjustments and come up with clear metrics to track progress toward goals.
  • Responsibilities and Expectations: It’s critically important that each team member know their responsibilities and what they are expected to do in their role. The deep-dive into this topic led to clear expectations for team members across the company.
  • Creating Checklists, Rocks & Milestones: The Quarterly Rocks are the most important items to be completed. Milestones are the checkpoints along the way and many routine items need checklists to make sure they are done properly. Taking the time to plan these out and put the system in place allowed DLP to be set-up for success for the year.

Living Fully at the Executive Retreat

Another core value at DLP is Living Fully, which states, “Our quest for excellence and the pursuit of our passions applies to all aspects of our lives – business, family, personal, and faith. We strive to live life to the fullest.

After the hard work was complete, it was time for another opportunity for the executive team to build connection … this time over water and taking advantage of the beautiful Florida weather.

CEO Don Wenner had told the team they’d be going on “an adventure,” but what that adventure was remained a secret until they arrived. Upon arrival the team was provided with full-body water suits as they boarded mini two-person speed boats, called Craig Cats. The expedition led by Bluewater Adventure took the team down the Intracoastal Waterway, past an old Spanish fort and a multitude of dolphin on the way to beach on a private island, before making the return voyage.

“This was perfect,” commented Amy Barricelli, VP of Leasing of DLP Real Estate Management. “This retreat was a great combination of working through the top priorities and having an amazing time together to really get us headed in right direction for 2019.”

Keys to Planning for Excellence at the Executive Retreat

The DLP Executive Retreat pulled together the key elements of a successful retreat. Here’s the recap:

  1. Take the time to properly plan the retreat to attain your desired outcome.
  2. Choose an ideal location, keeping in mind the time of year and where your team will be coming from.
  3. At the start, establish a connection amongst the team members.
  4. Involve the team, so they are not there to listen to a lecture, but rather be active participants in the discussion.
  5. Define a clear focus for the upcoming year and beyond and make sure the team is aligned and committed to that focus.
  6. Blend in time to live fully with fun adventures to further bring the team together.

DLP Real Estate Capital’s mission is to lead and inspire the building of wealth and prosperity with our partners through the relentless execution of innovative real estate solutions. DLP has been on the Inc 5000 fastest growing lists of companies 6 years in row. Interested in growing your business or planning a successful Executive Retreat? Learn more about the DLP Elite Program here or contact us here.

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