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Mission Accomplished: Rapid Growth & Success For Florida Based Eco-Friendly Home Builder, Brite Homes

Mission Accomplished: Rapid Growth & Success for Florida Based Eco-Friendly Home Builder, Brite Homes

DLP’s Elite Execution System Offers Roadmap to Operational Success

Last year, DLP Real Estate Capital partnered with Brite Homes, a Florida-based eco-friendly home builder, and implemented DLP’s proven operational strategy, the DLP Elite Execution System (EES), to ensure Brite’s growth and long-term success.

Founded by entrepreneurial investor Oren Segev in 2018, Brite Homes experienced such unprecedented growth and scale that they will once again operate independently, strategically focused on building and selling energy-efficient homes throughout the state of Florida. 

In July 2019, Founder and CEO Don Wenner made Brite Homes part of the DLP Real Estate Capital family. Brite Homes would build net-zero energy ready homes and DLP would focus on selling (and renting) them. While the concept of a highly efficient and environmentally conscious home builder was empowering, prior to the merger, Brite Homes had struggled on executing an equally high performing business structure. As a personal friend of Segev, Wenner purchased Brite Homes with the idea of implementing the DLP Elite Execution System into the homebuilder’s operational plan in order to re-energize and put the company on the path toward long lasting success. 

Wenner commented, “Brite Homes was a perfect fit with the DLP family of companies as we are both focused on providing solutions when it comes to real estate.” Wenner was also keenly aware of the company’s lack of business structure and quickly incorporated his company’s operational system. He continued, “The outcome is a much better financial health and operational excellence for everyone on the Brite team. We are extremely proud and fortunate to work with Brite Homes and congratulate them on this enormous success.”

Elite Execution System Positive Outcomes

Segev comments, “Implementing EES benefitted every single one of our employees at Brite Homes. For example, prior to establishing rocks, the ability to hold team members accountable on why we weren’t accomplishing certain tasks was difficult to understand. Now, we are breaking records in terms of performance.”

How EES helped the Brite team:

  • Daily huddles helped improve communication.
  • L10 Meetings kept the team organized with to-do’s, follow-ups, and issues needing solving. They also highlighted successes, both personally and professionally.
  • Pipeline Reports helped to clarify how the business looked from a linear perspective and provided actionable steps in order to understand the flow of operations.
  • Alignments were conducted with all team members in the first thirty days, allowing team members and their supervisors to converse freely and establish a better working relationship.

Marketing Exceeded Goals after 1 Year

  • From 2,000 followers on Facebook to 12,000
  • From 150 followers on Instagram to 1,500
  • Web traffic increased from 2,000 unique visitors per month to over 8,000 visitors per month with the average duration on the website increasing by over 2.5 minutes.

Home Sales

  • From selling 2 to 4 homes per month to selling 90 homes in 10.5 months, averaging 9 homes per month. 
  • More than doubled in sales

New Markets

  • From 1 market (Poinciana) to 6 markets: Poinciana, Palm Coast, Palm Bay, North Port, Wedgefield, Volusia


Brite Homes Marketing Director Shannon Danford commented, “Using the EES system has resulted in a world of difference. The increased numbers are obvious but how we got there was starting; by aligning with each other on a weekly basis. By having L10’s where team members can and are encouraged to point out real problems in a collaborative setting and executives can start to help in how to solve these issues. When you are meeting and discussing initiatives on a weekly basis it starts to move the company in the right direction. By huddling every morning with your team and reporting on key numbers and results in WIG’s, it creates a lot of accountability. All of this combined has really led to the tremendous success of Brite Homes.”

Our extraordinary success has come from the successful implementation of the Elite Execution System. Based on the right people in the right seats, a well planned strategy, and the tools to excel and accelerate, we grossed close to $10 million even during COVID 19. Our departments are better able to drive the results we need with better transparency and accountability. And, overall communication throughout Brite has improved, significantly.

Oren Segev, Brite Homes CEO

Brite Homes will continue on its own 20 Mile March and there is no doubt that the company will enjoy long-lasting and enduring success. 

DLP’s Elite Execution System can be implemented in any company, create a clear strategic plan, and help realize a company’s full potential. Interested in learning more about how you can incorporate DLP’s Elite Execution System into your own business or organization? Visit DLP Elite for more information.

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