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From An Aspiring Music Teacher To Senior Investor Success Manager

From an Aspiring Music Teacher to Senior Investor Success Manager

Meet Larry J. Hickernell, Jr.

Senior Investor Success Manager
DLP Capital Partners

Signature phrase:
“Be obsessed or be average”

Favorite quote:
“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”– Booker T. Washington

Larry’s Role at DLP Capital Partners

Larry’s main role is to lead the sales and service team at DLP Capital Partners, ensuring investors are happy with their overall returns and are being provided with a world-class experience. He’s had the opportunity to develop programs that enhance the investors’ experience. Larry says that the most meaningful part of his job is when investors say they could do things like retire early, take a trip, or help their family because of the great returns they earned through investing with DLP. He comments,” Knowing we make a very real and concrete difference in people’s lives is the most rewarding thing anyone can do in any job, I feel.”

Get to Know Larry

Larry grew up in Scranton, PA. While in school, he originally had plans to become a music teacher as he was attaining his degree in Music Education. His life took a shift in career paths when he began working in the banking industry, working in wealth management as a private banker. This led him to other paths within banking, commercial and residential lending, and team leadership. He even assisted in the market-wide licensed banker program for the entire state of PA and was once voted Top 20 under 40 during his time at a bank that he worked for. He says, “I know there is no shortage of success, it just depends on who is willing to beat the sun everyday, work hard, and chase that success that dictates whether we live an average or a great life.” The positivity that Larry projects definitely can’t go without being noticed as his coworkers have even nicknamed Larry “Mr. Sunshine.”

During his free time, he trains and coaches at least 5 times a week at a CrossFit center. Larry is inspired by music, which is something he still holds close; he’s even said that if he could travel into the past, he would travel to Vienna in the 1700s to see Mozart conduct his own music.

5 Fun Facts About Larry

  1. Once sang with Boyz ll Men his senior year of high school
  2. Is allergic to avocado
  3. Was the captain of his high school soccer team
  4. Considered becoming an Episcopal Priest after college
  5. Is a direct descendant of George Fisher, who came to America with William Penn and is the founder of the town of Middletown, PA
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