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Humble Confidence Is Key To Elite Leadership

Humble Confidence is Key to Elite Leadership

DLP Real Estate Capital Adds its Newest Core Value

A key to the continued success of DLP Real Estate Capital and all of our family of companies lies in our core values, which clearly define a company’s brand, character, and even behavior. Humble confidence may be our newest core value, but it’s clearly one of our most important. Don Wenner, CEO stated, “We define humble confidence as exuding confidence without arrogance, projecting humility and warmth in order to empower others and emphasize collaboration. Our leaders are talented and confident in what they do, but they are humble. Their goal of growth is for the cause of the organization not for individual gain or recognition.”

Don further explained humble confidence and included a brief video of author Jim Collins, one of his favorite inspirational leaders, who wrote Great by Choice. Collins stated, “The X factor of truly great leadership is humility. Humility combined with a ferocious will for something bigger than yourself.”

Humble confidence joins our eight core values, all of which reflect who we are as a company and what type of team members we want to build upon. Our team at DLP Real Estate Capital believes in our core values wholeheartedly, allowing for not only continued but exceptional growth as both individuals and as a team. 

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