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Responsibly Expanding Our Core Values, With Stewardship

Responsibly Expanding our Core Values, with Stewardship

DLP Real Estate Capital is adding Stewardship to its family of core values, rounding out the number to ten leadership-based expressions that make the company’s operating system both inspirational and unique.

After much discussion focused around wanting to add a tenth core value based on the principle of hiring ‘10s’ as well as the importance of serving others and giving back in a meaningful and positive way, Stewardship officially became the company’s tenth core value.   

To us, Stewardship is defined as maximizing the resources entrusted to us to deliver positive returns. 

Stewardship reflects the vision and direction of where the company is going, with all team members rowing in the same direction. To be a good steward, one must practice inclusiveness, be a servant leader, embrace innovation, and easily give others credit. 

Don Wenner, Founder and CEO commented, “At DLP, we are all stewards – stewards of our individual talents and stewards of our investors and clients’ resources. We will have a continued focus this year on each DLP team member taking ownership, and I am very excited to add Stewardship to our core values.” 

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