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Rick Montgomery, SVP Of Construction

Rick joins DLP as the Senior Vice President of Construction & Service Quality. Having worked with some of the largest companies in the property management industry, Rick brings many years of property management experience with him. His motto of “go build something”, reflects his earnest belief that building the best team results in the best outcomes and the most satisfying careers.

Prior to joining DLP, Rick filled the role of SVP/Chief of Field Operations for Streetlane Homes / Rootstock. He was responsible for all physical aspects of Streetlane Homes’ operations where his main focus was reducing inefficiencies, increasing the use of technology, and improving the quality of work.

Throughout his career Rick has enjoyed developing Maintenance, Construction, CapEx, and Risk Management departments of several national property industry leaders. As an EVP he was one of the original architects of Progress Residential’s platform.

As an alumnus of Northern Michigan University has made industry-focused education a continuing pursuit, earning several certifications and master designations.

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