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Grit And Perseverance Result In Long-Lasting Rewards At DLP

Grit and Perseverance Result in Long-Lasting Rewards at DLP

As a team member of DLP Real Estate Capital, you know the significance of planning for your future, through a 401K. At DLP, one of our priorities over the last year was to increase and match contributions through a metric called, PPP (Productivity Per Person). The results are in and if you haven’t heard the news, you’ll be thrilled with a 4% raise towards your 401K!

Last year, DLP Real Estate Capital contributed $209,300 as an employer-matched contribution to all participating team members 401K. This amount includes just under $80,000 in PPP, (a result of team members achieving 80% of their PPP goal.) Don Wenner CEO comments, 

“Team members increased their productivity
by 21% which is a remarkable achievement!”

DLP, in partnership with Cornerstone Independent Asset Management, LLC, is also offering eligible independent contractor team members who receive a 1099, the opportunity to save for their own retirement through opening a SEP IRA. These team members will receive an equivalent annual bonus and are encouraged to add it directly into their IRA, towards retirement. *

Additionally, DLP Real Estate Capital contributed $30,000 towards the DLP Positive Returns Foundation, a 501(c)3, created to provide jobs and affordable housing, both epidemics across the U.S. Don continues, “Making a dent in our jobs epidemic by creating jobs through entrepreneurship and providing affordable housing solutions are extremely important to me and I’m passionate about both. We look forward to significant growth in our foundation and being able to make a dent for both of these epidemics”

* See Human Resources for eligibility requirements, terms and conditions.

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