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Meet Cindy Lou Lapp

Meet Cindy Lou Lapp

Cindy Lou Lapp

Listing Specialist
DLP Realty

Favorite Quote:

“Your attitude determines your direction”

Role at DLP Realty

Cindy started working for DLP’s CEO Don Wenner as his office manager in July of 2008 — before DLP was founded. She moved up the ladder and soon became HR Director. However, her heart was always in sales, so in 2018 she landed a position in a sales role as Listing Specialist. Her current role includes helping clients sell their homes or find their dream homes, which she loves doing. A combination of listening to her clients’ wants and needs, being aggressive in getting the job done for them, and passion make Cindy a great listing specialist.

Get to Know Cindy

Not just clients — coworkers also agree that Cindy is an absolute delight to work with. Fellow coworkers describe Cindy as bubbly, honest, and fun. Katherine Hunter, HR & Legal Coordinator at DLP, comments, “She’s an extremely bright light that not only inspires but improves every person’s day who she comes in contact with.” Upbeat, positive, and thinking outside the box are some of the qualities that make her work stand out. Her motivation comes from her family, specifically her father and her children.   

Cindy spends her spare time making wine, with family, scrapbooking, and shooting guns. Unlike many people, Cindy’s dream vacation destination isn’t in the tropics. Instead, she prefers to explore the chilly and sparsely populated Alaska. She comments, “I love snow and cold weather. I love the remoteness of Alaska and how they live. I’m not sure I can tolerate the darkness for months but I would really like to vacation there.”

5 Fun Facts

  1. Little things excite her
  2. Is very adventurous
  3. She is addicted to Diet Dr Pepper
  4. Loves elephants
  5. Is an excellent bowler  
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