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Meet Optimistic Fund Accountant, Monika Zareba

Meet Optimistic Fund Accountant, Monika Zareba

                                       Fund Accountant

                                    DLP Capital Partners

Signature Phrase:

“Still waters run deep”

Role at DLP Capital Partners

Monika fits perfectly into the world of accounting, as she’s always enjoyed putting things in order. At DLP Capital Partners, her responsibilities include handling the books for several investment funds. She also records their daily activities, does bank reconciliations, and maintains schedules that help maintain accurate data, along with any additional assigned projects. Strong attention to detail and the ability to handle pressure while working multiple projects are some of the qualities that make Monika stand out. She says that being able to handle the reporting process for several big investment funds and never missing a deadline has been one of her greatest professional accomplishments.

Get to Know Monika

When it comes down to optimism creating opportunities, Monika leads by example. Her motto is seeing the beauty in all things and trying to see the glass as half full instead of half empty. Originally from Poland, Monika moved to New York at 20-years old. She managed to put herself through college by working full-time, which led her to earn a degree in Computer Science and Accounting. In 2005, she moved from Brooklyn, NY to Pennsylvania, while still keeping her accounting job in Manhattan. Monika loved her job, so despite the five hour daily commute, she continued to work in Manhattan until 2014. When the company closed down, she took a short break from working to focus on her family, including helping her sister-in-law after the birth of her second nephew. After her break, Monika decided to work locally, which led her to a new career at DLP Capital Partners. Whenever she’s not working, Monika spends her time playing with her dog and cats, watching the birds at her feeders, studying Spanish, or working in her yard. Monika loves swimming but says the waters in Pennsylvania are too cold for her, making her dream vacation destination a cruise to the Caribbean so she can soak up some sun and swim in warm water.

5 Fun Facts

  1. Speaks 3 languages
  2. Is a football enthusiast and a huge fan of the Seattle Seahawks
  3. Enjoys running so much that she’s willing to wake up at 4:30am to go for a run
  4. Loves heavy metal music
  5. Was skiing on black diamond slopes at age 6 since her dad was a skiing fanatic and put her on skis as soon as she could walk
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