Strategic Financial Leadership Podcast

One of the biggest barriers to a business getting to the next level of success is the leader’s mindset. Instead of focusing on leading the company strategically, struggling leaders get caught in the day-to-day operations of the business. This creates a bottleneck on growth. To build a truly elite organization, leaders need to adopt a strategic mindset while relying on a systematic approach to growth and profitability. Today’s guest, Don Wenner, author of “Building an Elite Organization” is an expert on this topic.

Don Wenner is the Founder and CEO of DLP Real Estate Capital, a leader in real estate investing, private direct lending, construction, management, and sales. DLP has been ranked as an Inc. 5,000 Fastest-Growing US company for eight consecutive years, with an average three-year growth rate exceeding 400 percent and more than $1 billion in assets. Named one of the top fifteen real estate professionals by REAL Trends and The Wall Street Journal for seven years straight, Don has closed more than $4 billion in real estate transactions. He resides in St. Augustine, Florida, with his wife and two sons.

Igniting Souls Podcast with Kary Oberbrunner

At the tail end of your company’s startup phase, the same opportunities that generate revenue and fuel growth also bring new challenges. You need to hire–and train–rock-star team members, scale operations, prioritize opportunities, “”wow”” customers, and clearly communicate strategy throughout your organization–all while bringing on new clients and driving profitability.

You don’t have time for theory when you’re growing at breakneck speed. You need a blueprint for profitable scalability, a toolbox of plug-and-play tools, and direction on how to maximize execution. That’s where Building an Elite Organization comes in.

Don Wenner is a master of scaling high-growth, high-profit entrepreneurial companies. In Building an Elite Organization , he walks you through the Elite Execution System his company and other highly successful organizations use to drive growth and improve profitability. Don’s system will give your team clarity on where you’re going, the insight to know if you’re on the right track, and the disciplined system needed to consistently leverage every opportunity. Learn how you can leave a legacy and make an enduring impact for decades to come.

Join me as we unpack some of his amazing tools on the Global Livestream Launch of his new book.

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The Author Hour with Drew Applebaum

Don spoke with host, Drew Applebaum, on the Author Hour podcast to promote his new book “Building An Elite Organization.” – You can purchase the book HERE.

You need to hire and train rock star team members, scale operations, prioritize opportunities and so much more all while bringing on new clients and driving profitability. You don’t have time for theory when you’re growing at break-neck speed.


Don spoke to host Eddie Wilson, CEO of Affinity Worldwide, Think Realty’s parent company, about his early entrepreneurial start-up, discipline, and hard work to build a strong foundation.  Additionally, he discussed his business scale – based on high-growth goals, talented team members, strategic culture, and meaningful targets.



Listen to a recent Forbes podcast, featuring our Founder and CEO, Don Wenner

Key Takeaways

  • Businesses that focus on growth without profitability risk being very vulnerable in down markets.
  • Growing a profitable business requires being disciplined in processes, project management, team communication, goal-setting, and decision-making
  • To grow profitability, refrain from focusing on different parts of the business at a time; simultaneously develop strategy, people, operations, and sales and marketing.