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Team Member Spotlight: Jennifer LoConte

Team Member Spotlight: Jennifer LoConte

Communications and Public Relations Manager

If you’ve had an investor spotlight article written about you, it most likely was written by Jennifer LoConte. As both a professional writer and public relations expert, Jenn brings over 20 years of communications experience to DLP Real Estate Capital. She has written extensively for publications based in the Lehigh Valley in addition to national features. On the PR side, Jenn has served as Communications Director for a national non-profit organization as well as an assistant spokesperson for a national law enforcement agency. She is the founder of J’s Run, a non-profit organization for pancreatic cancer awareness. Jenn comments, “In today’s consumer-friendly world, there’s nothing better than telling a story to draw someone in. Making the emotional connection is what it’s all about.”

Q&A With Jen

What attracted you to DLP Real Estate Capital?

Originally, I was looking to get back into the corporate world after taking some time off to be home with my young children, while freelancing. I was the first writer hired at DLP, an industry that employed plenty of real estate professionals and financial experts but had not yet experienced the benefits that a writer can bring to a business. Solid copy and content writing can catapult any industry into the forefront (and the first page of Google search results). 

One thing that has resonated with me about working for Don Wenner over the past 2 ½ years is the ‘growth factor.’ Not only is company growth a priority, but also the concept of personal growth. Don talks a lot about leadership (it’s one of our company core values), ‘A’ players, and promoting from within. He certainly provides the tools necessary to make that happen. I started at the company as a contract writer, then full-time, then a PR specialist and now my current role as a communications and PR manager. There’s no limit to what you can do. 

What is your favorite Core Value?

Enthusiastically Delivering Wow resonates the most with me. Whether it’s writing an investor spotlight, capital partners emails, a press release, or pitching an idea to the media, it’s important to emphasize all that we do not only for the thousands of people we help in terms of specific real estate needs, but also our dedicated team members, and the many communities where we serve.

What are your greatest accomplishments? 

On a professional level, it’s the process of seeing your hard work completed, from a single story idea to publication, specifically when the first article I wrote on pancreatic cancer was published, nationally. In public relations, working for law enforcement has

jennifer loconte
J’s Run – Aggressively Funding Pancreatic Cancer Research to Find a Cure

brought about some exciting opportunities. 

Personally, aside from my children, I am most proud of being the founder of J’s Run, a non-profit organization started in memory of my mother, Joan, after she lost a short 51-day battle from stage IV pancreatic cancer. J’s Run is a 5K run/walk held each May in the Lehigh Valley area. This year, marks our 11th annual event for which we have raised well over $100,000. Dollars raised stay local in order to benefit the medical field and researchers, patients, caregivers, and families. Visit if you’re interested in learning more about J’s Run. 

What do you do when you’re not writing, communicating, and volunteering? 

I am a wife and mother to three children: Julia (15), Nicole (13), and Rocco (7). They’re very active in school activities, theater, band, musical, and sports. As many other busy parents, I often feel like I run a chauffeur business after school and work hours. Daily exercise needs to be more of a priority; a goal I plan to reach.

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