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Vision Day 2021

Vision Day 2021

Celebrating Successes, Granting Dreams, Giving Awards
& Sharing DLP’s Compelling Future Vision

DLP Vision Day 2021

During our annual Vision Day, CEO Don Wenner shared DLP’s compelling vision of the future, while celebrating successes and granting dreams.

Celebrating Successes

DLP achieved extraordinary growth in 2020! We welcomed new team members and investors to the DLP family, added multiple acquisitions to our portfolio, and provided even more real estate solutions for our clients.

Highlights from 2020

During this unprecedented year, DLP continued to make phenomenal strides toward hitting its goals and reaching success.

  • Listed on the Inc 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies for the 8th Consecutive Year
  • Broke $1 Billion in Assets Under Management
  • Named to Inc Magazine’s Best Workplaces List
  • Won Two Stevie Awards: Gold for Entrepreneur of the Year & Silver for Acceleration in Growth
  • Named one of the Fastest Growing Companies in America by Financial Times
  • Best Residential Property Management Company in the 2020 Reader Rankings by Lehigh Valley Business Journal
  • National Apartment Association (NAA) Best Places to Work
  • Top 50 Best Places to Work in Multifamily

The company is now 400 team members strong, has 1,100 investors and counting, and 2,200 properties sold. Currently, DLP has 600+ loans under management and 11,000+ units owned in its portfolio.  This past year, DLP has achieved $1.15 billion in assets under management and over $100 million in total annual revenue. DLP has provided 25,000+ people with housing and 200+ entrepreneurs with funding. 2020 has been quite a turbulent year, but it can’t stop the grit and determination of DLP.

Sharing the Vision

Our future vision is in sight and we are on the road to achieve an extraordinary 2021! We will become a $1 Billion fund manager and lender.

Our 2021 Compass

The DLP Real Estate Compass includes our purpose and core values, and the annual theme, this year’s being Automation and Integration. Together all these allow us to form a vision for the upcoming year.

In 2021, DLP will acquire a bank, launch a private wealth management business, launch CEO Don Wenner’s book, Building an Elite Organization, launch the Elite Journal, and our proprietary technology, Elite Tools. DLP will launch a Prosperity Family Wealth Membership, scale DLP’s Rental Loan Program, and DLP Realty leaseback & buyback programs. The future vision includes the following checkpoints;

  • It focuses on checkpoints for reaching our 2028 goals, including generating $1 billion in revenue and $2.5 billion in capital under management.
  • DLP also aims to own 35,000 rental units w/ 100,000 residents and loans back by 25,000 units by 2028.
  • The compass not only sets goals but also focuses on ways DLP will give back. With the DLP Positive Returns Foundation, we plan to give 1% of team members time, ¼% of net revenue, and ¼% of capital raised to support those in need of housing and jobs.

Dream On

As part of DLP’s Dream On Program, CEO Don Wenner granted dreams that team members brought forward. DLP wants to help our team members live fully in all aspects of their lives.

People have lifelong dreams and to be able to grant dreams for our team members truly changes lives.


Several of the dreams included:

  • Kelly H. and her children had been sharing a room in her parent’s house an hour from DLP. She has been prevented from purchasing her own home due other expenses. Dream On will provide down payment assistance and help Kelly secure financing to purchase her own home, closer to DLP.
  • Melody R. had the dream of Don providing real estate investment advice, and her wish was granted.
  • Myrtle B. helped Mark (84) & Lucille (78) find a place to live a few years ago. Lucille is suffering from Alzheimer’s, Mark is her caretaker, their current rental is being sold, and they couldn’t find a place to live. Dream On will provide rent assistance for six months.
  • Emily F. submitted a dream for her team member Ryan, who has been without transportation to visit his children. Dream On will provide Ryan with down payment assistance to provide him with transportation.
  • Dream On will help Kenny G. in organizing and achieving his dream of building a new house and leaving a legacy for his family.
  • Julia M. wanted to visit her family in Ukraine, but she has been unable to visit. One of her fellow team members anonymously submitted a dream for her. Dream On will provide Julia with a round-trip ticket to visit her family!

Award Winners

Acknowledging our team members for a job well done was an important part of Vision Day as well. Congratulations, again to all of our award winners!

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